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  • Wonderland Coin- Earn Bitcoin and play fun games!
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  • Interest Earning Wallets


    HaoBTC is a new wallet that you can earn interest on your balance! You just have to deposit, and you automatically earn 8% annual interest. If you deposit 10btc or more, you can earn up to 15% annual interest.

    Cloud Mining

    Looks to be a really promising cloud mining site. They have SHA-256 and Scrypt and there are maintenance fees as well as images of their mining farm. I like that you can actually choose the pools you want to mine with.

    • Amount invested: 3.25 BTC
    • Start day invested: June 16, 2015
    • Active: 2 TH/s & 25 MH/s
    • Earned so far:
    • 67.077%

      2.18 BTC
      3.25 BTC

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